It’s your lucky day!

Because our good friends over at Franz have created a delicious (and I do mean DELICIOUS!) gluten free, dairy free bread!

There are two varieties:

And there is a little rumor going around their store that within the month they will also be offering hamburger and hot dog buns.

I love you, Franz.

The only drawback for some may be the fact that this bread does contain chicken eggs. But if you do not have a chicken egg allergy, or are fortunate enough to be able to eat this bread without a reaction (a curiosity, I can sometimes eat things that contain chicken eggs. Go figure.), you are going to love it.

I mean it. This bread is fabulous. I don’t even have to toast it. It’s just good all by its lonesome.

And if you are fortunate to live by a local Franz Bakery Outlet, you’ll find the bread for around four dollars a loaf.

That’s a real steal for gluten free bread.

Happy Sandwiching!