Well, miss no more, thanks to Ore-Ida foods, which now offers a wonderful gluten free line!

I baked up some of their Extra Crispy Tater Tots today, and boy were they delicious! I haven’t eaten tater tots in years, due to the fact that most of them are coated with wheat. I think these were honestly the best I’ve ever had.

These tots do not contain gluten, dairy or eggs. There are some small amounts of corn and soy. I have yet to try any of their other gluten free products, but I’m aiming to!

Well, enough talk from me. Go ahead and click on this link to find out more about the Ore-Ida line of gluten free foods. Once at the website, click on the red box that says ‘see products’, which will bring up a list of product names you can click on to see ingredients.

Isn’t this just the greatest thing since school hot lunches? Well, I sure think so!

Happy Hot Lunches!